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Our experience with dogs started 18 years ago whereas Cane Corso has appeared in my life in 1997. Since then we were engaged only in this breed. We are working together with the best breeding in Poland as well as in foreign countries. We make efforts all the time to be in touch with the breed’s country of origin and it’s breeding. We are a member of Italian club of Cane Corso. We have brought to Poland such dogs, which had the greatest impact on the spread of polish breeding.
Maikol (from Cerberus breeding of Mr. Malawaszi) was the most  successful import we have made. His blood is flowing in veins of the great majority of this breed’s  current champions. He died in 2006 winning  in the veteran class up to the end.

Telma & Tuono – unforgettable siblings (from the breeding of Mr. Veronessi) presently in the champion’s rank. They were staying at the “Z Gawroniego Ogrodu” breeding. They died  in 2006.

Grisu – his dog-show’s career was unfortunately broken because of the accident he had, however his daughters are presently achieving a triumphs on the dog-shows.

The latest asset is Beatrice Degli  Elmi -  the daughter of the World’s Champion Yurak Degli Elmi. We hope it will be the next prominent import.

At the moment our breeding is mostly based on our own dogs as a result of our own  breeding efforts.

Haddock Huck – Majkol’s son the absolute leader of the rings over the entire area of Poland. Edgar & Efra are leading the most excellent breeding lines. They look phenomenally & are mentally the wonderful friends of their own and of us.

At present to our breeding joined a black Grisu II -  the only son of Gryzak.


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Hodowle, hodowla psów Cane Corso.
Sprzedaż szczeniaków - szczeniaki canecorso, psy, molosy. Hodowla psów Bastion Gwiazd zaprasza po psy i szczeniaki Cane Corso.